Bad Luck Protection Calculator

Blizzard has revealed that the Legendary item soft cap has been removed a week ago, allowing bad luck protection to continue once players acquired more than four legendaries. This change wasn’t noticed by players sooner as many of the players at softcap were pushing progression in Trial of Valor.\r.

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Plus I don’t believe there’s anything like bad luck protection. I think leggo 1 and 2 have higher droprates and then that’s that. I think Blizzard just misleads us because they know that given enough grinding you’re bound to get a new leggo, so they tell us they have "bad luck protection" and then they do something else.

A guildmate of mine recently contacted support with questions concerning Bad Luck Protection as it applies to legendaries. This was the response that they.

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It’s WAY off for my paladin. I have six legendaries. It says I have 1995 kill points, which means I should have three legendaries, and am close to a fourth.

7.2 legendary bad luck protection Got 2 legendaries(my 6th and 7th) within 3 hours. 1 from Helya LFR and 1 from Guldan HC using the same loot spec. And my guild has definitely seen an increase in legendary drops this week. So it looks like blizz has improved their bad luck protection

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RNG is still RNG and bad luck can (and will) happen to some people and only Blizzard knows exact drop rates and how (or if) their bad luck protection works. I wouldn’t take the calc too seriously, but now that I know about it I’m gonna bookmark it to see how far off their guess will go for the next legendaries I get 🙂

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