Does A General Discharge Look Bad

At worst, I am facing a General Discharge (one step below Honorable Discharge), and owing a certain amount of money to the government, as my contract dictates. The latter punishment is inconsequential to the question at hand. My contacts in the military state that under no circumstance do I want this.

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I wouldn’t go as far as the other comments. There are a number of kinds of discharges. The worst one is a Bad Conduct Discharge (the BCD or Big Chicken Dinner). Getting that means you had one or more major violations of the UCMJ and found guilty a.

A General discharge isn’t enough, and unlike all other VA benefits, you cannot become eligible for the GI Bill through a successful Character of Discharge decision. If you have a less than Honorable discharge, the only way to get GI Bill eligibility is to get a discharge upgrade from your service department.

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Discharge Upgrade and Corrections A. Discharge Upgrade If your discharge paperwork (DD214) states anything less then an Honorable Discharge (General Under Honorable Conditions, Other Than Honorable, Bad Conduct Discharge or Dishonorable) you have the opportunity to upgrade your discharge within a certain amount of time.

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A Bad Conduct Discharge (BCD), colloquially referred to as a "big chicken dinner", from the initialism, can only be given by a court-martial (either special or general) as punishment to an enlisted service-member. bad conduct discharges are often preceded by a period of confinement in a military prison. The discharge itself is not executed until completion of both confinement and the appellate review process.

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