how do i reaffirm my mortgage after bankruptcy

what happens if I did not reaffirm my mortgage after. –  · Hello, I wrote an article on this based on my research. I am no lawyer or BK expert, but this should be accurate: When you do not reaffirm your home loan obligation after bankruptcy, this means that you are not personally liable on the promissory note associated with your mortgage.

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What Happens if I Don't Reaffirm My Mortgage After Bankruptcy. – A reaffirmation agreement with a mortgage lender means you agree to keep up payments, and that the court will not discharge the loan. Since the lender will still have a lien on the property, however, you risk foreclosure if you cease payments after the bankruptcy, with or without a reaffirmation agreement.

Can My Mortgage Lender Refuse to Send Monthly. – Nolo – Can My Mortgage Lender Refuse to Send Monthly Statements After Bankruptcy?. Question. I filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy last year. I have a mortgage on my house, but I didn’t reaffirm the loan during the bankruptcy. Instead, I simply continued making my monthly payments. However, my lender has stopped sending me the monthly mortgage.

Do I Have to reaffirm mortgage debt After Bankruptcy in. –  · I filed for bankruptcy and received a discharge a year ago. I now want to refinance my home. My current mortgage is with Wells Fargo Bank and Freddie Mac. Wells Fargo told me that in order to refinance I have to reaffirm my mortgage or take my home out of the bankruptcy. I don’t want to pay my former bankruptcy attorney to do this for me.

Should I Reaffirm My Mortgage in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? – As a general rule, I do not think it is ever a good idea to reaffirm a mortgage in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. When you reaffirm a debt, you basically re-obligate yourself on it and make yourself personally liable for something you could have eliminated in a Chapter 7.

Reaffirm Debt | The Reaffirmation Process – AV Bankruptcy – If you reaffirm mortgage debt and then lose the house, you may owe the mortgage anyway. My mortgage company won’t report my ontime payments on my credit report or give me a refi and says my bankruptcy lawyer is a bad person because they wouldn’t let me reaffirm my mortgage.

Should I Reaffirm My Home Mortgage In Bankruptcy. – YouTube –  · Still, bankruptcy lawyers are reluctant to advise their clients to reaffirm a home loan. This is because a home mortgage is usually the largest debt that most people will incur during their lifetimes.

How do I reaffirm my mortgage loan after my bankruptcy is. – How do I reaffirm my mortgage loan after my bankruptcy is discharged? – Answered by a verified Bankruptcy Lawyer. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website.. The bank did not send us paper work to reaffirm the mortgage.