Mortgage Down Payment Gift Rules

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The process of accepting a gift for your down payment isn’t complicated, and by following these simple rules, you can be sure that the underwriter who is reviewing your file will look at it with an.

Regardless of how you're planning to fund your down payment, keep in. from a side job, a bonus check, or an unexpected gift from a relative.. sure that you'll be able to keep making payments on your mortgage, rather than.

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Providing down-payment assistance can help new borrowers avoid paying for private mortgage insurance, which helps keep their monthly payment low. strict rules dictate how cash gifts are used in a home.

Mortgage Down Payment Gift Rules Down payments are one of the biggest hurdles to purchasing a home. Fortunately, if you haven’t saved enough of your own funds for a home purchase, many lenders allow borrowers to purchase a home with gift funds.

The rules can be a bit different with low-down-payment mortgages. For example, VA home loans , available to active members of the U.S. military and veterans, require no down payment. But the borrower may choose to make a down payment – and it can come entirely from cash gifts.

But getting gift money for down payments isn’t as easy and taking the money. Rules and regulations must be adhered to get someone to the closing of their dream home. Here are some do’s and don’ts if you are thinking about getting a gift for your down payment. Click to check today’s mortgage rates. Do get a signed statement from the gift.

However, using gift money for a mortgage down payment may actually hurt your loan application if you’re not careful. Read more to learn the dos and don’ts of down payment gifts. In today’s tight housing market, many young homebuyers receive financial help from family and friends.

For 2018, for instance, parents who are married and file a joint return can gift up to $30,000 per child for a mortgage down payment (or any other purpose), without incurring the gift tax. Another family member, such as grandparent or aunt, could gift up to $15,000 to you before the gift tax applies.