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Dear Mary: My husband talks of a reverse mortgage and thinks it’s what we should do. He is 63 and on Social Security disability. I am 55 and work full time. I value your opinion. What do you advise?

Seniors need to get a clearer picture of the pros and cons of getting a. A reverse mortgage can be a powerful financial tool in retirement, but.

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With a volatile stock market draining retirement savings from the bank accounts of seniors throughout the U.S., Larry Reiminger believes hope for some Southeast Missouri retirees lies in the reverse.

David Chee answers the FAQ: What are reverse mortgage pros and cons? Learn about that and get started with your California reverse mortgage today.

We have all seen famous actors on television advertising reverse mortgages and talking about how they provide seniors with a stream of income for their old age.

Many homeowners near or in retirement are in the enviable position of owing little or nothing on the old homestead, often making the home their largest investment. That leaves a pile of home equity to.

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A trained and certified counselor can help you understand the costs and features of different types of reverse mortgages, and evaluate the pros and cons of.

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Is a reverse mortgage the right choice for you? Hear the pros and cons from a panel of experts and get your questions answered. The panel will address whom reverse mortgages might be most suited for,

These loans can be a good option in some cases, but they're not a cheap way to borrow money so senior citizens with good credit may have.

You may have seen the commercials featuring “The Fonz,” or Henry Winkler, peddling reverse mortgages. If not, you can see it here: You can throw former presidential candidate fred thompson and actors.