subsequent use funding fee

VA loans For second-time borrowers, the higher fee is known as a Subsequent Use Funding Fee that, according to the VA lender’s handbook, "indicates the veteran has used their home loan benefit before, so a higher funding fee is required." Funding fees–including the Subsequent Use VA Funding Fee for second time borrowers–vary depending on factors.

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What is a VA Loan Funding Fee? | Retirement Living | 2019 – Funding Fees on Loan Refinance. The funding fee also extends to veterans who are refinancing a current home loan. Two refinancing options are available, the VA Streamline (also called the Interest Rate Reduction Refinancing Loan) and the VA Cash-Out, with each one carrying different fees.. A VA Streamline loan requires a 0.5 percent funding fee regardless of status or subsequent use.

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VA Funding Fee – VA funding fee chart. The Funding Fee is calculated by looking at 5 different factors: Loan amount, loan type (Purchase or Refinance), type of service, down payment (if any) and prior VA loan use. Take a look at the charts below to see how the va funding fee varies based on these factors.

VA loan funding fee facts: Who pays what (and who pays nothing) – Rate moves to 3.3 percent in all cases for subsequent uses. pay the higher second-use rate if he purchases a nonmanufactured home with his second VA loan). loan assumptions: 0.5 percent. Exemptions.

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 · VA Funding Fee For Regular or Cash Out VA Refinance. Note: Regular or cash out refinances do not allow for a reduction of VA funding fees. Reduced fees only apply to purchase loans where a down payment of at least 5 percent is made.

*The higher subsequent use fee does not apply if the veteran’s only prior use was for a manufactured home loan. Source: When you do and don’t have to pay . Like all rules, there’s an exception, and certain veterans may find themselves eligible for a VA funding fee exemption or able to obtain a refund later on.

Ten percent down: 1.5 percent funding fee for first-time and subsequent use; Considering the 3.3 percent funding fee for zero down, making a small downpayment can pay off.

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 · When you buy a home with a VA mortgage, there are associated fees and expenses including VA appraisal fees, and the VA loan funding fee. generally, all Veterans using the VA Home Loan Guaranty benefit must pay a funding fee.

Calculator Rates VA Loan Closing Cost Calculator Estimate Your Total VA Loan Closing Costs with Funding Fee. Use this calculator to help estimate closing costs on a VA home loan.